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Welcome to Nowostey.Net

The terms & conditions set out below govern the use of services offered by Nowostey.Net regarding the use of the https://Nowostey.net site. Users are advised to read carefully because it can impact the rights and obligations of Users under the law.

By registering and / or using the https://Nowostey.net site, users are deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all contents in the Terms & conditions. These terms & conditions are a form of agreement set forth in a valid agreement between the User and Nowostey.Net. If the user does not agree to one, part or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, then the user is not allowed to use the service on https://Nowostey.net.

Nowostey.Net does not act as a seller or buyer, but as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, to secure every transaction that takes place on Nowostey.Net through a mechanism that has been established by Nowostey.Net. 

A. Main Menu

Smangap  : services offered at Nowostey.Net.

Seller  : users who offer and perform services through Smangap on Nowostey.Net.

Buyers  : users who purchase services on Nowostey.Net.

Product / Service posting : where sellers can explain their Smangap (product) so buyers can purchase and place orders.

My Posts : where sellers see Smangap (products) offered.

Manage Sales : where buyers and sellers communicate with each other regarding Smangap (products) being processed.

Income  : seller’s money earned on completed orders.

Special Orders : special requests that buyers make regarding Smangap (products).

Buyer Request : a request made by a buyer to receive a special Offer from a seller.

Inquiry Post : where the buyer explains the Smangap (product) needed.

My Requests : where buyers see the status of requests made.

My Shopping: where buyers see the status of the purchase Smangap (product) was made.

Payment : where buyers see the sales & purchase history of Smangap (products).

B. Smangap (product)

Nowostey.Net frees its members to offer both visual and virtual products / services.

All types of products offered must not have elements that endanger / harm other people, both physical and virtual products.

Sellers are prohibited from intentionally duplicating products or any form of cheating by tricking the system for the purpose of placing the same product at the top of the list

Products subject to copyright claims and the seller cannot prove ownership of the disputed product , the product will be permanently suspended and prohibited from reselling at https://Nowostey.net

Users are prohibited from copying or reselling products belonging to other users

Learn more about products and services that are prohibited from being published on P-Store.Net https://p-store.net/prohibited-products

C. Fees & Commissions

Registration fee & create a shop on P-Store.Net is FREE.

Each purchase transaction will be automatically charged a fee of $ 0.5.

The commission for each smangap sold is 10% of the specified price.

Minimum withdrawal is $ 10.

The commission withdrawal process is paid 3 working days after user requests at 18.00-22.00 WIB (Saturday & Sunday are holidays)

Learn more about fees http://p-store.net/fee

D. Transactions

For the convenience and safety of users, every buying and selling transaction on P-Store.Net is required to use the P-Store.Net transaction system.

All payment validation processes are instant (except via manual validation process pulses).

The payment validation process via credit takes between 1-5 minutes and a maximum of 1×24 hours.

After the payment validation process, the buyer must follow the seller’s instructions so that the order can be processed immediately.

Transactions can be canceled if the order does not match the seller’s description within 5 days of the transaction

If the buyer’s order is not processed by the seller until the specified time, the buyer has the option to cancel the transaction.

The buyer is required to confirm a successful transaction if the order is received according to the seller’s description.

After the transaction is complete, the funds will be held & automatically available in the seller’s account after 3×24 hours (verified) & 5×25 hours (unverified).

For new sellers with a transaction amount of less than 10 and a transaction value of less than $ 100, the funds will be held & automatically available after 10×24 hours

Buyers who do not confirm the complete transaction for 3×24 hours after the order is sent by the seller, the transaction will automatically be considered successful by the P-Store.Net system and the funds are forwarded to the Seller.

The seller is not allowed to ask or direct or influence the Buyer to fill out a review while the product / service being traded has not been received by the Buyer (including sending an empty order), or to force the buyer to immediately fill in a review while the buyer may take longer to check the product / services received.

In a situation where a problem occurs in the transaction and one of the parties involved (Seller / Buyer) is not willing to actively cooperate to resolve the complaint within a maximum of 2×24 hours, the manager has the right to take a unilateral decision to end the transaction problem

P-Store.Net has the right to cancel transactions and suspend Buyers’ accounts that are indicated as using illegal digital payment accounts

All sellers on P-Store.Net are required to compete in a fair and healthy manner in increasing sales and ratings

E. Account Verification

Registered users can verify their account to earn the Verified Member badge

Users who have become part of a Verified Member are entitled to use services provided specifically for Verified Members

To become a verified Member, the user is required to submit some of the requested data on the Account Verification page

The data sent must be valid, correct, and in accordance with it without manipulation of the program for any purpose

P-Store.Net as a service provider has the right to refuse account verification requests if it finds allegations of data falsification or unclear data sent so that the manager has difficulty examining the data sent

In certain circumstances, Nowostey.Net has the right to ask users to verify their identity before they can use their account again

Nowostey.Net has the right to suspend temporary to permanent user accounts if the verification data sent is fictitious or fake data

The verification data that has been received will be stored on the server and not shared with any party except for reasons justified by law under the applicable Privacy Policy

F. Bans

P-Store.Net has the right to ban / ban / freeze user accounts if proven to have committed violations.

Violations in the mild & moderate category will receive a Warning Letter (SP) starting from SP1, SP2, to SP3

Severe category violations such as products related to hacking, carding or phishing activities will be permanently blocked and the balance / content in the account will be immediately forfeited.

Sellers / buyers who still violate the rules after being warned will be permanently blocked & the balance / content in the account is immediately forfeited.

Account limitation is a condition where the seller cannot use the funds in the account until the status is lost.

Giving bad treatment to buyers / sellers is a violation that can result in permanent blocking of seller / buyer  accounts and the balance / content in the account is immediately forfeited. .

In the event of a case or dispute that results in material or non-material loss, Nowostey.Net represents the seller or buyer or acts on its own behalf as the manager has the right to take the necessary actions including filing a suitable legal suit

G. Limitation of Liability

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from and in connection with information written by Nowostey.Net users.

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for any infringement of copyright, brand, industrial design, circuit layout design, patents or other personal rights attached to an item, with respect to any information created by users. To report infringement of copyright, branding, industrial design, circuit layout design, patents or other personal rights, click here

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for all risks and losses arising in connection with the use of goods purchased through P-Store.Net, in the event of a violation of laws and regulations.

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for any risks and losses that arise with the access of User accounts by other parties.

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from transactions outside Nowostey.Net.

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from errors or nominal differences that should be transferred to the account that we have determined.

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for all risks and losses that arise if the transaction has been completed by system (funds have entered the seller / buyer).

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for all risks and losses arising from loss of goods when the transaction process is running and / or completed.

Nowostey.Net is not responsible for all risks and losses arising from user or other party errors in transferring funds to P-Store.Net accounts.

No.Net is not responsible for any risks and losses that arise if the account is frozen and / or disabled.

Under any circumstances, the User will pay for Nowostey.Net’s losses and / or prevent P-Store.Net (including officers, directors, employees, agents, and others) from any costs of any loss, loss, expense or damage arising from claims or third party claims arising from User violations of the Nowostey.Net Usage Rules, and / or violations of the rights of third parties.

H. Other Provisions

These Terms & Conditions can change at any time with or without prior notice